All arts and crafts happen in house in our workshop in Serres.

Dedicated to craftsmanship

From illustrating a new design, to selecting and shaping the proper leather pieces and the cotton fabrics, to the final packaging of the finished piece.

These processes give us the opportunity to better understand the craftsmanship involved, explore new trends and ideas and appreciate the joy of creation.

Design and material

We tend to keep lines simple, we love to match up colors and be diligent with the bindings.

Throughout the years we have used a variety of different cotton fabrics, each one for its own unique characteristics in order to enhance softness, durability, color appearance, waterproofness and many other elements we want to involve in our collections.

The natural feeling of our products is in the core of our philosophy, thus We use cotton fabrics and linings, leather, metallic parts and more cotton to bind them together.